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Welcome to my blog, a space to get more information on sustainability practices and learn about what it’s like to work with a copywriter. I understand that working with a copywriter is a big investment, but I need you to know that it is one of the best that you’ll ever make. 

As a green business owner, you are already doing so much more than “normal” businesses. Work with someone who will champion your brand, sell your products, and be your biggest fan. The world can’t afford for you to wait, but if you need a little more reassurance first, please check out some of my blog posts! 

White papers are long, complicated documents that help guide clients through a client journey. Given their slightly persuasive yet mostly informative nature, you can’t simply open your laptop and type away to produce a white paper in an afternoon. You must be sure you’re actually ready for a white paper and know how to avoid […]

5 Common White Paper Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

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We haven’t met, but I know something about you already. You’re smart. Like, really freaking smart. You’re out here, using that big brain to try and save the world. Our collective world, not just your own. Whether you’re an engineer developing a new solar panel, revolutionizing the agriculture industry to feed our growing population, or an architect designing energy-efficient buildings with cradle-to-cradle top of mind, there’s a lot going on inside your brain.

You know your ideas can make a positive change, but even the best idea won’t make a difference if the right people don’t see it, understand it, and support it. So how do you ensure your goals become reality instead of dying in your brain? 

Start by crafting compelling and consistent messaging with a sustainability copywriter.

What is a Sustainability Copywriter?

As a business owner, you know how time-consuming it is to market your business. It’s one more thing on your endless to-do list, but you know it’s important to get your product or service into the hands of those who need it.

Sustainability copywriters, or environmental copywriters, write specifically for environmentally conscious brands. They dig deep into the benefits and impact of your industry so you become a company people trust and value. Sustainable ideas need this kind of adoption. 

They avoid slimy marketing tactics like greenwashing and misleading claims. Instead, sustainability copywriters use authentic, conscious copy to inspire change. You want your customers to feel educated and understood so they trust what you have to say.

Sustainability copywriters help people understand why eco-friendly brands are a better choice for our environment. They’ll help you craft:

  • Informative yet catchy product descriptions that create a sense of need and urgency.
  • Case studies that empathize with your readers, showcase your results, and drive action. 
  • Landing pages that convert cold leads into new product enthusiasts, even if someone has never heard of you, your product, your idea, or your brand.
  • Blog posts that establish you as an authority in your industry and land you on page one.
  • Subtly persuasive white papers to illustrate a problem and showcase your business as the best solution.

Strong copy that helps your ideal customers (and Google!) find you is essential to establish and grow your business. 

How Will a Sustainability Copywriter Help Grow Your Business?

Time is your most valuable resource. As a green business, you’re already doing so much more than most businesses ever will. You’re tackling big, giant, scary problems. You’re combating the climate crisis, diverting materials headed to landfills, reducing carbon footprints, and moving us away from oil and gas. That, my friend, is no easy task. A sustainability copywriter can help you do all this more effectively with carefully crafted messaging.

Establishes Trust With Conscious Copy

When people hear the word marketing, it may conjure up an image of the stereotypical used car salesman laying on the charm to get a sale. In the sustainability world, we know manipulation, scare tactics, and greenwashing won’t create change. 

Sustainability copywriters focus on the positive emotions of their audience by using conscious copy. You started your business to create positive change and your copy should reflect that. You want to focus on how your product will reverse the effects of climate change. How it saves ten tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. How your efforts are creating a better world for our children. Conscious copy is authentic and ethical. It educates your audience on what you’re trying to achieve so they’ll feel confident supporting your brand.

Makes Information More Accessible

Sustainability can be an overwhelming and confusing topic. Unfortunately, the science community is known for having a hard time communicating with the general public. According to EMBO reports, the public has a lack of understanding of scientific concepts and a lack of trust in the scientific community. Not only that, but the general public also experiences peer pressure that doesn’t support scientific findings.

Let’s face it, you can only save the planet if the right people know what you’re doing and are persuaded to take action. The Journal of Undergraduate Science Education suggests scientists should receive formal training to help them communicate with the public. While this is a nice suggestion, eco-friendly business owners are probably ready to be done earning their degrees. 

You need to share your message in a way that’s easy to understand. The best way to help your customer feel informed is to make difficult concepts as easy to understand as possible. This takes the uncertainty out of sustainable products. It helps the public make educated decisions, even if they go against their peers. Did you know that most blog posts should be written at a sixth-grade reading level so it’s accessible to the general public? 

Translating all that information to a sixth-grade reading level isn’t easy and crafting great copy is so much more than translating. You need to take that big green dream of yours and make it a story people want to hear. A story they’ll support with their own time and money. Hiring a copywriter lets you focus on what you do best without sacrificing the clear and engaging story your brand needs to grow and thrive. 

Creates a Story That Connects

Partnering with a sustainability copywriter takes your business to the next level. It combines your dreams and business savvy with subtly persuasive storytelling tactics to create a major impact.

The effect is like, we-touched-rings-and-here-comes-captain-planet!

The right environmental copywriter knows how to write a story your audience will relate to and one they’ll want to be a part of. You need a copywriter to share your story in a way that:

Creates Connection: To tell your brand story, you need to understand the emotion behind decision-making. Having a great product, in a world of great products, is not enough. Hiring a copywriter allows you to sell to your customers by showing them you understand their problems and motivations. This will help increase sales and brand loyalty.

Establishes Authority: Consistent content helps customers view you as an expert in your industry. This will also increase your Google ranking, which helps you get discovered in searches! An environmental copywriter knows how to weave scientific data into engaging copy so you become a trusted source in the industry.

Relates to Your Audience: A good copywriter will write for the reader. A great copywriter will go above and beyond to understand why your emails get opened, your landing pages stick, and your ad campaigns convert. Think about A and B testing and extra research to make sure benefits are clear and customer concerns are addressed.

Lands the Sale: Your copy needs to be written to convert. When someone lands on your product page, there’s no excuse for not purchasing. A sustainability copywriter knows how to showcase deep benefits so your customer can’t wait to buy. 

You Don’t Have to Save the World Alone

I know I said this earlier, but nothing is more true — as a green business, you’re already doing so much more than everyone else. You deserve a partner that understands your goals and wants to help you reach them. Investing in a sustainability copywriter will help you create clear messaging and tell an inspiring story. Even better, you’ll get the sales that prove your audience trusts and values your brand.

If you’re interested in learning what a sustainability copywriter can do for your brand, I’m here to help! Schedule a free 15 minute meet-up call with me. We’ll talk through where you are in your business and how I can help you reach your goals.

Future you, the one who lives on a planet not being destroyed by climate change, will be glad you did.