Build Trust with Conscious Copy

Being a business owner in the sustainability industry comes with additional challenges other business owners may never even think about. And with those challenges come (at the risk of quoting a very old movie) great responsibility. And great responsibility can only be communicated and shouldered with conscious copy.

Every day you’re up against brands that don’t worry about sustainable sourcing. They sell their products at lower prices without worrying about product life cycles. Cheaper products can create better ROI… which means they have more to spend on things like marketing. Even though their products and practices can be toxic, they convince their customers to buy from them over and over again. 

And if a competitive price wasn’t hard enough to overcome, they tack on next day shipping. I know it’s tough to compete. 

While it might be tempting to use their sales tactics, selling with honesty and integrity is key to building trust with your ideal customers. If you’re up against bigger budgets, you can’t afford copy or marketing tactics that don’t resonate with conscious consumers at every single touch point. 

The most effective way to reach your eco customers is by using conscious copy.

What is Conscious Copy?

Think about the last time you bought something from an ad. Did you buy out of fear?

Maybe you were afraid of not fitting in or what your life would be like if you didn’t buy it.

Maybe you were afraid of missing a sale so you bought before you were ready.

How did you feel afterward? Maybe a little manipulated?

Good copy digs deep into your audience’s emotions, but using tactics that focus on pain and fear can create a sense of mistrust. You never want your customers to feel like they were “talked into” buying from you. Especially if you want them to buy from you again.

Conscious copy takes a different approach. 

Conscious copy focuses on the positive emotions of your customers. It inspires them to make mindful decisions. Conscious consumers aren’t stupid, and when a brand presents them with the facts to a great product, they’re left feeling informed and confident after they buy.

This is how you’ll build trust and create repeat customers. 

A car with an electric cord is painted on the ground to signify electric charging.
Conscious copy aligns a sustainable brand’s copy with their overall mission.

Why Conscious Copy Works Best for Sustainable Brands

Conscious copy works for eco-friendly businesses because it digs deep into the values and emotions of your customers in a positive and empowering way. 

Environmental issues can feel overwhelming. Your customers may not see how their individual choices can make a difference. Conscious copy focuses on positive messages that inspire customers to make decisions based on their beliefs. 

Guide them through the facts around environmental issues. Show them how you support their values. When you do that, they’ll see your brand as helpful, informative, and value aligned. They’ll also likely want to be a part of the solution you’re helping to create.

Conscious copy works for eco-friendly businesses because…

  • It’s authentic: Conscious copy is honest and transparent. It allows sustainable business owners to tell their story in a way that connects their values with their customers. Your customers want to know they’re making a difference in the world when they work with you so authentic messages help them feel connected to your brand and values.
  • It’s inclusive: Instead of using fear or shame as a tactic, conscious copy accepts your customers for who they are. It meets them where they are in their sustainability journey. It doesn’t matter if they fit all their waste from last year in a mason jar, or if they just purchased the biggest Hummer on the planet. We all have the opportunity to make a difference. Conscious copy says, “Hey, we see you worrying. A little lost. Wanting to do something. Here’s how you can make a more environmentally friendly choice.” 
  • It’s ethical: Conscious copy doesn’t use manipulative marketing tactics. Exploiting fears for a sale is the same as taking shortcuts to save a few dollars at the expense of the environment. You’ve worked hard at improving the world with your business. Your copy should reflect that.

How to Use Conscious Copy to Sell your Eco-friendly Products

You’re probably excited to use a copywriting method that’s authentic, inclusive, and ethical. But how do you actually use conscious copy to sell? Great news, there’s actually a lot of marketing practices that lend well to conscious copy! 

A person looks at a computer screen that shows an inbox
A friendly, excited welcome sequence can help establish a great first impression

Create a connection with a welcome sequence.

Email is always a great way to connect with your customers and gives them a chance to see your organization’s values. Use this initial connection to: 

  • Share the story of why you started your business in an honest and authentic way. What inspires your business and what kinds of changes are you trying to make?
  • Include your values and how they align with your customer and the products or services you’re selling. Help them see how your business is supporting their beliefs.
  • Let them know you’re there to support them on their journey whether they’re just getting started or see themselves as an eco-expert.

If emails feel overwhelming, know that you’re not alone. I’ve met lots of business owners who don’t have time to set up their email sequences. If you want someone to write, design, and set up your sequences, be sure to check out this web page.

You don’t have to do it all on your own.

Build trust with evergreen blog posts.

Blogging consistently is an easy way to help drive organic traffic to your website. Evergreen blogs (blogs that stay relevant for a long time) are the perfect way to be transparent with your customers. Use conscious copy in your blogs to: 

  • Educate your customers on your sustainable processes so they feel informed and confident working with you. They’ll be grateful you’re answering their questions! 
  • Document your journey to becoming an eco-friendly brand. Share your wins and struggles so customers can feel like they’re part of your journey. And, that hyper transparency will create an extra layer of trust only akin to Yvon Chouinard’s autobiography. 
  • Share success stories of positive partnerships and happy customers so they can see how choosing you can benefit them, and the planet.

Create authority with white papers.

White papers are a technical form of writing, normally utilized by B2B organizations. If you’re not sure if your organization is ready for white papers or not, check out this blog post. While technical, they’re also great for nurturing your clients through the client journey. Using conscious copy in white papers lets you:

  • Give detail around new and innovative products so your customers see how you are continuously looking for ways to support current environmental needs.
  • Share industry expertise, especially for brands who want to be transparent on how their products and services can drive positive environmental change.
  • Dive deeper into the benefits your customer can expect from your products or services compared to non-sustainable products they may be used to.
To ensure you’re delivering the right message, work with an experienced copywriter.

Craft your Conscious Copy with a Sustainability Copywriter

Your time is your most valuable resource. You can’t waste any of it staring at a blank screen or explaining your industry to a copywriter who hasn’t written a thing in the sustainability field yet. 

Working with a sustainability copywriter is like shifting your marketing into light speed. You won’t be spending a ton of time getting the writer up to speed. Instead, you’ll be able to jump straight into the copy you need. 

Conscious copy written by a sustainability copywriter is a great way to improve your message and ensure it’s more authentic, inclusive and ethical. At Kelcie Ottoes Copywriting, I’ll work with you to present your products, services, and processes in a way that helps your customer feel deeply connected to your brand and confident about choosing you.

If conscious copy is what you’ve been looking for, I’d love to help building deep, intentional connections with your audience that helps you stand out. Fill out my contact form or schedule a call to get started!

Think your business is ready for a white paper? Find out here.

I’m Kelcie, and when I was younger, I was as freaked out by FernGully as you were. I’ve always wanted to do more to protect the planet and realized it was time to use my natural talents to do just that.

I’ve written stories my whole life. Now, I write stories for brands and organizations I believe in. I’ll get you in front of the right people, at the right time (like, yesterday) and ensure your story is one your customers remember and share.

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