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I'm a copywriter who understands your unique brand story and sustainable development goals. Let's use great copy to increase your sales, generate leads, land you on the first page of Google, and, at the risk of sounding cheesy, change the world.

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You are a talented professional with a great product or service built on sustainable practices. AKA, you’re an eco-bada**. But we both know that it is hard work running a business, even if you don’t write your own copy. In fact, one of the best things you can do for your business is outsource your copy to an expert. 

Someone who can help tell your organization’s story, stand out in a loud industry, and build customer loyalty.

Someone who can increase your revenue, views, followers and happy dances. 

Someone who captures cold lead attention and keeps the conversation going with warm leads. 

Someone who knows how to talk about sustainability without inducing anxiety. Or making the listener’s eyes glaze over. 

Someone like me. 

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Henry palmer
founder/ceo of lochtree

Working with Kelcie has been an absolute pleasure, and I could not recommend her work more. Kelcie was able to immediately match the tone and voice of our brand while creating engaging, informative, and fun content. Moreover, while creating content for us, Kelcie has kept a keen on SEO and weaving critical keyword phrases and terms into her work, providing that extra boost and benefit to the writing. If you are looking for someone who can deliver great content in a timely manner and who is a great communicator throughout the process, then look no further than Kelcie.

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Creative Director - Callie Gift Co

Kelcie recently helped me with a number of email campaigns and sustainable blogs and truly went above and beyond what I was expecting! The entire process of working together was seamless and she was incredibly flexible and understanding. The blogs by far exceeded my expectations in terms of detail and word count. I couldn't recommend Kelcie enough. Her passion for sustainability and helping small businesses made her the perfect copywriter for my business.

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Rachel kois
CEO - Simple switch

If you are in a sustainability focused business and not sure whether booking Kelcie will be valuable for your business, reach out to me so I can convince you. Kelcie was prompt, professional, and she captured our brand voice perfectly. Kelcie wrote, organized, and edited the copy for a large set of keyword rich, conversion optimized email flows that are performing well. The copy itself was perfect for our brand and audience! 

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Reghan Layne
Owner, Reghan Layne LLC

Kelcie wrote the copy for my website, and working with her was a truly wonderful experience! I was feeling overwhelmed by the thought of writing everything myself, so I'm so glad I decided to hire Kelcie. She took what I wanted to say and made it better - even nailing down my voice and implementing the best SEO practices. She was extremely knowledgeable, receptive to feedback, and committed to delivering the best finished product. I could tell that she deeply cared for my business, and I'm so appreciative of her help!

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Keeping on top of your customer’s mind has never been easier. I will create consistent, captivating content for all stages of your business. Let’s create that website, start that blog, amplify your social and send those emails you haven’t had time to get to. Having customers that know and trust your brand is as simple as one click.   

your revenue

You have a product or service that you are trying to help change the world with. We cannot afford for you to have a bad marketing plan that doesn’t reach the masses. 66% of people are willing to pay more for sustainable goods. Work with me, and we’ll work on getting you in front of that 66%. 

It seems like these days all businesses are trying to be greener. Some people are trying to help the planet. Others are green-washing and making a lot of noise in the sustainability space for a couple extra dollars. On top of that, less than 50% of sustainability professionals feel they’re communicating their sustainability efforts well to customers. Work with me, and let’s make sure your authentic, sustainable company gets heard in all the noise. 

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the planet cannot afford for you

to have a bad marketing plan

to have a bad
marketing plan

I’m Kelcie, and when I was younger, I was as freaked out by FernGully as you were. I’ve always wanted to do more to protect the planet and realized it was time to use my natural talents to do just that.

I’ve written stories my whole life. Now, I write stories for brands and organizations I believe in. I’ll get you in front of the right people, at the right time (like, yesterday) and ensure your story is one your customers remember and share.

Let’s do this thing!

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