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I specialize in long-form content strategy with a CTA, but I'm a sucker for any conscious brand with a great story! Check out my signature services and packages for white papers, case studies, or blogs. Or, explore some of my one-off services. 

Case studies

Have a list of warm leads that just can't seem to take the plunge to invest in your business? Case studies are social proof that your organization provides a transformation. Lets turn your creepers into conversions with a success story.

blog posts

No one has time for 1,000 word blog posts with no strategy. Not if we're going to make a real, tangible difference for our planet and stop climate change. You need to rank on page one. I can help. 

white papers

White papers are amazing for gathering leads, expanding your email list, and establishing your expertise. White papers are some of my favorite projects to work on given that they have such a big impact on your brand.

signature services

Brittany Zampella + Maggie Hart
founders of farsighted creative

Kelcie's copywriting services were such an immense help to us as we began fundraising for our documentary. Grant applications and communication pages felt like huge mountains to climb but working with Kelcie made all of that feel so much lighter and bearable. It was such a dream to work with someone that could easily translate the vision and heart of our project into writing that was clear, authentic, and compelling. If you have a sustainable story to tell, Kelcie is the one to help you tell it!

email sequences

Roughly 60% of your revenue comes from existing customers. How are you staying top of mind with them? Are your open rates at industry standard? Are people purchasing your products and services again from your email campaigns? It’s not quite as simple as hitting send. Email campaigns need strategy, dedication, testing, and a real good subject line. Let’s get you that 60%. 

one-off services

web copy

SEO optimized, well written webpages make all the difference in taking a cold lead to a new customer. How is your user experience regardless of the page that they land on? Is the call to action obvious? Is the information helpful? Are you addressing their pain points? If not, we should talk and get your website polished up!

landing pages

Whether you are working on opt-ins or you are selling the latest and greatest of your green product and services, your landing page has got to stick (like sweet, sweet honey). That’s where I come in. Writing copy that sticks requires a little bit of psychology, a little bit of story telling, one great product or service, and a whole lot of persuasion.

product descriptions

Product descriptions come in a lot of flavors. Some are professional and detailed, others upbeat and exciting, or sometimes funny and memorable. I’m ready to write product descriptions that help sell your products and services how you want. The last thing you need is to get your customers all the way to your product page, considering purchasing, and then lose them.


Writing a script that feels natural while delivering impactful information is a skill. And as video content grows, you have to be able to hold someone's attention so they don't move onto something else. 
Work with me to deliver your message in smooth copy, nestled into a story that's click-worthy and shareable. 

additional projects

Have a writing project that isn’t listed? Need help writing an e-book, grant, or an end of year report?
I can’t wait to hear about it.

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