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White papers are big, complex projects. When done right, they can nurture clients at any stage of the funnel. Whether you're trying to increase your leads, stand out against competitors, or close sales, there's a white paper for that!

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Whether you’re ready for guidance when it comes to positioning and outlining your white paper or need a white paper, plus it's marketing, done for you by a professional white paper copywriter, we can work together to create a white paper targeted towards nurturing clients into working with you with one of the experiences below…

growing gills package

roadmapping session + outline ($500)

If this is one of your organization's first white papers, and you don't have a full budget to get the paper done for you, use the Growing Gills Package to close the gaps in your white paper knowledge. I'll take 30 minutes to discuss your white paper idea, talk through where it falls in your client funnel, share the results you can expect, and outline next steps. Get a leg up on your white paper! 

30-minute call to discuss the white paper

Topic ideas, audience clarity, next steps

a broad outline for 1 of your white paper topics

the lone mushroom package 

1 white paper - Starting at $4,000

We'll start with a roadmapping session (included in price) and then I'll hit then I'll write an action inspiring and/or authority building white paper. This package includes a next-step suggestion for after someone reads the white paper, two rounds of edits, and three title options. If you want an excellent white paper written in a timely matter, I'm ready to work with you!

Everything from the roadmapping session

1 white paper

Mycellium Network Package

white paper + amplification
Starting at $10,000

Is this your first white paper? Or have your white papers not converted like you hoped in the past? It could've be your white paper. Or, it could've been your marketing. The only way to ensure your white paper gets in the hands of the right folks with a strategic marketing plan. Trust me to help get your white paper downloaded so it can nurture your leads to a sale! 

Everything from the roadmapping session

1 white paper

1 email sequence (4 emails)

white paper download landing page

5 social media captions

more leads - white papers capture relevant site traffic

more conversions - even when your sales team is on holiday



A++ white paper results include

a good reputation - folks in your industry will look to you


increase trust - white papers are packed with helpful info to nurture relationships


Ready for a white paper yet?

How It Works

Before we get started, we'll flush out what this white paper is going to be about and where it falls in your funnel.

Create the foundation

Working with me means you don't lift a finger here, aside from providing feedback. 

Outline & Write the topic

For those looking for help getting their white paper out into the world, I'm available for wider marketing efforts. 

amplify the white paper

Henry Palmer
FOUNDER & CEO of Lochtree

Kelcie took a lot of initiative in bringing our white paper to fruition -- from start to finish. She generated different ideas of what would be most impactful for our audience. Then, she researched the subject and found an angle that was unique to our organization and the value we provide our customers.

Each step of the way, I knew where the paper was headed. She provided an outline to ensure we both made the most of our time, and when the first draft was turned in, there were minimal changes. I appreciated her professional guidance around white papers and am excited to see how this white paper performs.

the leads that convert are the ones you nurture

71% of B2B buyers have used a white paper in the last year.
Make sure yours is one of them. 

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