Why the sustainability world needs copywriters.


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Don’t take this the wrong way…

But you’re smart. Like, really freaking smart. You’re out here, using that big brain to try and save the world. Our collective world, not just your own. Whether you’re an engineer developing a new kind of solar panel, a sustainable fashion designer with a new line of hand bags made out of only recycled material, or a green builder dedicating your life to buildings that will not fall down; there is a lot going on inside your brain.

On top of being brilliant, you also decided to start a business. Go you! We’re here to be your biggest fan or best customer or absolute, favorite, #1 contract worker.

My role in this story is up to you, but here’s why you should pick the last option.

I need you, because you’re saving the planet that I live on and I’m forever grateful for your effort. Oxygen, water, and soil is so much better because of the things you’re creating and doing. But the truth of the matter is — you need me, too. I’m certain that you are both busy and smart. But did you know that most blog posts should be written at a sixth grade reading level so it’s accesible to the general public?

Translating all that information in your brain into a sixth grade reading level isn’t going to happen over night. In fact, it’s about so much more than translating. In order for your business to be a success, you must take that big green dream of yours and make it a story people want to hear. But that’s not all! It also has to become a story they’ll support with their own time and money. Sound simple? For most, it doesn’t.

The science community is somewhat known for having a hard time with communicating with the general public (but you knew that, didn’t you?). According to EMBO reports, there is a communication barrier from lack of understanding when it comes to concepts and a lack of trust of the scientific community. Not only that, the general public also experiences peer pressure that doesn’t support scientific findings.

The Journal of Undgraduate Science Education suggests that scientists should receive formal training in their college programs to help them communicate better with the public. While this is a nice suggestion, you could be done chasing your degrees. Or maybe you never went to college at all. This study seems to imply that those with the ability to make great scientific advancements are also burdened with being great communicators and story tellers.

To me, this seems backwards. There’s no need to move you away from the scientific method when there are other people who are as fantastic at telling stories. Hiring a copywriter allows you to do the thing you are best at without the burden of also being acceptional at a completely different skill.

This is not to say all scientists or green businesses are bad at communicating. We know that would be an over-generalization. Let’s say you are able to tell a great story. Do you still need a copywriter?

The short answer is, yes! The long answer is a very long question. Do you have a lot of extra time, on top of developing new products, hiring employees, restocks, building impactful cultures, PR, accounting, taxes and everything else that goes into running a business? Not a little time. We’re talking about enough time to:

  • Write informative yet catchy product descriptions that create a sense of need and urgency.
  • Write landing pages that convert cold leads in to new besties, even if someone has never heard of you, your product, your idea, or your brand.
  • Write webpages that land on page #1 of Google searches relevant to your products and ideas by leveraging SEO.
  • Write social media copy and ads that get the sales that are actually going to make an impact on our planet. We’re talking culture changers, not one off sales here and there.
  • Write blog posts that maintain you as an authority in your space and builds continued loyalty with your customers.

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet?

If you are, that’s ok! It’s ok to feel overwhelmed at the idea of having to learn SEO, copywriting best practices, and psychological sales techniques. That would be a lot on top of being a business owner. Further, sustainable businesses have an even heavier lift than most business owners.

You are not doing things the fast way. You are not doing things the cheap way. Or the easiest way. Or the least costly way. Or the easiest to scale way. Or the just-get-it-launched-now kind of way like many, many businesses do.

You’re tackling big, giant, scary problems. You’re combating climate crisis, recycling materials headed to landfills, creating products that never need to go to landfills, reducing carbon footprints, and are moving us away from oil and gas. That, my friend, is no easy task. It’s the exact reason every single sustainable brand should hire a copywriter.

As a green business you are doing so much more, already, than most businesses are or ever will.

(And most businesses hire a copy writer, because they’re too busy and not experts, too).

This makes a copywriter essential to your business plan. Teaming up with a copywriter takes your super power and my super power and brings them together. The effect is like, we-touched-rings-and-here-comes-captain-planet!

Beyond all that, here are a handful of perks that come from working with a copywriter.

  1. Your brand story is told by a professional, who understands the psychology behind emotions and decision making. Having a great product, in a world of great products, is not enough. Hiring a copywriter allows you to sell to your customers by understand the problems of your customers, and their motivations. This will help increase sales and brand loyalty.
  2. You begin to create consistent content on your blog, which allows you to establish yourself as an expert in the sustainability space. This will also help your Google ranking, which helps you get discovered in searches!
  3. You’ll work with someone that goes above and beyond (including A and B testing and extra research) to ensure that your emails get opened, your landing pages stick, and your ad campaigns convert.
  4. Your product descriptions will have every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed. Nothing will be out of place or missing, because if someone has made it all the way to your product page, their is no excuse for not purchasing.

These are just a couple of ways that working with a copywriter will amplify your sustainable, green, or eco-friendly brand or business.

I know I said this earlier, but nothing is more true — as a green business, you’re already doing so much more than everyone else. You deserve to take this load of your plate, and you’ll see the sales in return when you start working with a copywriting professional.

If you’re interested in learning more about working with a copywriter and want to know what a copywriter can do for your brand, I’m here to help! Schedule a 15 minute meet-up call with me, no cost, no catch, no gimmicks.

Future you, the one who lives on a planet not being destroyed by climate change and the human race, will be glad you did.


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